You know how it is -  too many plates, spinning in too many directions. At different times in life, one of the plates inevitably becomes heavier than the others. 

Life happens, and a shift in health, stress, work, parenting issues, marriage problems, lack of sleep etc. can take you from feeling like you are barely holding on to crumbling at the floor in an instant. 

As the plate comes crashing to the ground, and you dive to catch it, the one you are balancing on your left foot starts to wobble, and then your right foot and before you know it, you are lying in a puddle of broken plates, tears, stress and guilt.

Sound familiar? 

While true balance is not always possible, there are tips, tricks and tools that you can use when you feel like your plates are spinning out of control.

One of my biggest plate-dropping moments happened when my daughter Kiersley was just 14 months old. She had an allergic food reaction out of nowhere, and instantly, I was thrown into this scary world full of all these unknowns. 

What happened from there was an incredible journey where I learned to embrace this challenge instead feeling buried by it. Slowly, I learned the ins and outs of the food allergy world. Along the way, I learned what truly advocating for my daughter looked like, and shifted from feeling like a victim that something happened to, to an empowered mom who had the knowledge needed to deal with the hurdles as they came. 

Now, I am on a mission to empower moms who were just like me - who are sick of feeling helpless, who are tired of feeling like they are juggling all of those plates alone and who want to learn how they can build their own toolkit, and support the health and well-being of themselves and their families while living their best lives.

...Cause mama - you've got this - those plates don't have to control you anymore!

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