I can close my eyes and remember it like it was yesterday... 

I can remember the moment my daughter had her severe allergic reaction.
I can remember the fear...
the panic...
the worry...
the unknown.

I can remember leaving the emergency room, with her safe and healthy... but knowing nothing would be the same.

...And then I remember what happened next.

There was this huge, scary thing that I was NOT prepared for as I realized we would need to adapt to a new lifestyle. I had so many questions, and I remember feeling completely overwhelmed, not even sure where to start.

If that is you... if you have been trying to Crack the Mother Code with Food Allergies, I am here to help! 

Let me help you where you are! 

My mission is to help moms find the answers they need as they start to dig into the Food Allergy world. I want to help you, the way I needed help when my daughter was first diagnosed!

Cracking the Mother Code Community  was created for this exact reason. I wanted a place for moms who are dealing with some of the unexpected parenting challenges that come our way; the things we don't always see coming! Instead of having these challenges send you to your knees in overwhelm, I want to know you are NOT alone. 

Are you ready to jump in? Are you ready for support and answers for this food allergy world? 
  Here are some different options for you! 
Kickstart your journey with food allergies with this free 5 day challenge! 

Are you ready to jump in?
Grab my Cracking the Mother Code: Food Allergies Course now! (available beginning November 15, 2021)
(for a limited time) $37
Your course includes: 
  • Access to our private Facebook group, Cracking the Mother Code.
  • 7 packed modules covering all kinds of need-to-know things about food allergies including information on allergy testing, dealing with allergies at home, restaurants etc., tips, resources and other important information.
  • A PDF of all of the freebies in one easy-to-use file so you have access to all of it at one time. 
  • Lifetime access to the course, as well as lifetime access to any changes or additions to the course.

Can't wait to see you inside the community!
xoxo Tara Hejnal