Life sure is crazy lately, isn’t it?  A year ago, I never would have thought about the words “mask”, “quarantine”, or “pandemic” outside of, maybe, my favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy. On a medical show, those words would be considered normal. Unfortunately, they have become “normal” for us as well. 2020 has been a year like no other, and while I am on the side of not accepting things as the “new normal”, I have doubled up on my beliefs in the things we can control - wash your hands, use (good) sanitizer, and do everything you can to support your immune system. 

I can close my eyes and still remember how I used to feel. One of my kids would start to come down with something. Runny nose, stuffy, maybe a little cough. The mom in me wanted to DO something to stop them from being sick. Friends all around me told me it was inevitable; they were in daycare and my husband and I were both teaching. They were being exposed to everything.

 As a mom, we learn very early on that it is our job to advocate for our babies. I would find myself in this place of helplessness, knowing they didn’t feel well but also being told by doctors that it was “just a virus” and I needed to “wait it out”. They would guide me towards a pain relief medicine off of the shelf at the pharmacy and I would be on my way. It was a vicious cycle but instead of feeling like their constant battles with sickness were making their immune systems stronger, instead I felt like they were becoming sick more and more often. 

Their bodies were wore down and frankly, I was BEYOND frustrated at not being able to do a single thing. I began searching for options, I was desperate at that point. As I started to research our immune systems, I was so surprised by what I was able to uncover.

I began to implement a wide variety of things to help boost our immune systems. I also began to slowly collect what I would call my “toolkit”. The more I learned, the more I was able to work to be proactive and support all of our bodies. In addition to the change in our routine, something else happened. I began to shift from feeling helpless and having to “wait it out” to feeling empowered. There was something I could do. 

If you have felt like me -  if you have been frustrated and felt helpless when it comes to your babies, if you are tired of hearing that they just need to “wait it out”, if your gut is screaming at your that there should be a different option - let’s chat! 

You can grab my free Guide here: Support Your Immune System: Kid Style


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